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The ancient Romans left us many texts which are still in use today. A famous example is rent law, which is still in use in many civil law countries. For over two thousand years these texts have hardly been changed. The reason is quite obvious: the content is very logic and so well written that amendments were not necessary.

That is exactly what we do: we provide you with clear and logical texts, enabling you to focus on your core business.


We provide original texts in English, from a few words on a packing, till social annual reports.


We offer translations from English to Dutch, and vice versa. German and Spanish will be available at short notice.

Simple English

A few billion people have the ability to speak English, albeit not as a native speaker. Hence we are specialized in Simple English. This enables you to enter many foreign markets and expand your business.

Web texts

Few people realize that a web text is a discipline that requires expertise. That's where we come in, assisting you in upgrading the contents of your site.

Search Engine Optimization

You want your clients to be able to find you among the millions of web pages. That is not a difficult as you may think. It's a clever combination of a tailor made text and the use of some technique. You will find that your site will be visited by many more people. The best proof thereof is that you are on our site. Our partner and we will help you out on this issue.


A legendary Roman once said: "He who acknowledges his own flaws will hardly stumble."

As we realize that we lack certain important skills, we have surrounded ourselves with some of the best in their field of expertise: graphic design, internet marketing, web design and communications.

Basic-Text, we take care of your business!